Company Introduction
  • Company Introduction
  • ProCapital was established in 2011, we are a professional global economic, financial market, and national industrial policy analysis and capital management company. We have a comprehensive and experienced management team whose core members have 10+ years of applied financial industry experience.

    ProCapital managed funds are based in Beijing, Nanning and Shenzhen, with branch agencies in Xi'an and Los Angeles. Funds currently managed by ProCapital are listed below:

    - National and Industrial Investment Fund: ZX Industrial Investment Fund, total assets under management: 20 Billion Chinese RMB

    - Special Financial Market Fund: total assets under management 10 Billion Chinese RMB

    - Special Listed Company Fund

    - Special Private Equity Fund

    Special M&A Fund

    Overseas Real Estate Fund

  • Beijing Procapital Capital Management Co., Ltd
  • Address:Galaxy SOHO 50537, Dongcheng District, Beijing
  • Telephone:+86(010)85197917
  • Fax:+86(010)85197917
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